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Becky - Insanity Instructor

What is Beachbody?

You could be forgiven for thinking Beachbody is just another home workout company. Anyone can walk into a store and pick up a workout DVD. I've done it! And you know what? I'd work really hard at it for 2 weeks. Then, the third week, I'd maybe skip a few days. I was tired, too busy, going know the excuses. The fourth week, I'd maybe workout once or twice and then...that DVD would find its way onto the shelf where  it would languish until I had a clear out. 

What makes Beachbody different, is the range of workouts offered, and the unique online coaching you receive. By signing up to Beachbody's On Demand All Access program, you get a year's online access to ALL of their programs ever released. That's over 6000 workouts! You can stream them to your TV, watch via a tablet or computer, or download them to watch offline. You also get your first 30 days supply of Shakeology; a daily dose of dense nutrition which is unlike any other health or protein shake out there. It's packed full of superfoods, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics...I could go on! There's also Beachbody's unique portion fix system, including all the containers, access to meal plans, recipes...even a cooking show! 

BEST OF ALL... you get ME as your coach! I help keep you accountable, on track, and motivated. I do this with daily check-ins via private challenge groups; these small groups form tight-knit communities that really come to love and support one another. Then there's private Facebook groups for chat, sharing tips, recipes, videos and more. Finally, there's me, 1:1, via phone, messenger, name it. I'm always on hand to talk with you, and I promise that together, we'll get you the results you desire. 

I have been there; I've been unhappy with how I look and feel. I've failed, multiple times. The game changer for me was the motivation and inspiration I got from MY coach. She helped, loved, and supported me on a daily basis....and still does! I am so happy I get to pay it forward and guess what? You could get that chance too. If you want the opportunity to earn some extra money while helping others to achieve their goals, ask me about the coaching opportunity and all that involves. 

I am in the process of building Team B-Fit, and I'd love to have you join us! 

My Favourite Programmes

21 Day Fix

This is where it all started for me. 2 years ago, Beachbody didn’t have the all-access Beachbody on Demand, so you had to buy each individual programme.

21 Day Fix is run by Autumn Calabrese. There are 7 days of workouts, and each one focuses on different areas. So there’s Cardio Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Total Body Fix, Dirty 30 (which is all-body), Pilates Fix, and Yoga Fix. Each workout is 30 mins long, and you work through them in the sequence provided, for 3 weeks. There’s also a 10 minute ab workout… this is NOT a substitute but an addition to the programme. You will need weights, a light and medium set of dumbbells.

The workouts are great; challenging, but at the same time they’re achievable. Autumn herself is incredibly motivational instructor, and she also always has a modifier with her, so you can follow her if needed. When I did my first round of 21DF, I had to do all planks and pushups on my knees. I followed the modifier a lot. I then did the programme twice more and got better and better each time.

21DF is a programme that people come back to again and again. After you’ve completed it and feel ready to move on, there’s 21 Day Fix Extreme, which is another step up.

The best thing about 21 DF is the eating plan. When you purchase a challenge pack, you get a set of colour coded container. Green= veggies, Purple = Fruit, Red= proteins, and so on. You are also given a book with food lists in so it’s easy to see what falls into which container.

You workout the plan that you fall into, and are then given a container allowance each day. From this, you can easily build meals that suit not only you, but the whole family too. 

The 21 Day Fix eating plan has changed the way I eat for the rest of my life. I easily know what my body needs as fuel, it made me realise that I was often having the same size portions as my husband! To begin with, it takes time to figure the plan out each week. I used to plan all meals on a Sunday night and it would take a while to make sure I’d used all my pots. But the more you do something, the easier it gets. I will praise this as a way of life to anyone who will listen! No food is off-limits. You can sub in a yellow container for a glass of wine, for example, and they give snack/ treat ideas too.

This workout is a perfect starting place for your health and fitness journey.

Shift Shop
I have a lot of affection for Shift Shop because it’s what got me into my size 8 bridesmaids dress!

Shift Shop is 3 weeks long; the first week the workouts are 25 mins long, 2nd week is 35mins, 3rd week is 45mins.

At the same time, the eating plan the first week allows 2 portions of carbs a day (using the container system), 2nd week, one portion a day, third week, no carbs.

It’s the ideal programme to follow for a big event such as a wedding, where you want to be looking your best. I really enjoyed it (did week 3 twice) and Chris is a sweetheart.

Shaun T

I am bunching all of Shaun T’s workouts under one banner because there’s so many of them that I’ll never get done!

Shaun T is a massively popular trainer, and if you’ve heard of any of Beachbody’s workouts before, it’s likely to be one of his. Insanity, T25, Cize, Insanity Max 30, and Insanity the Asylum are all programmes that will get results FAST. On Beachbody on Demand, he also has Shaun Week which is a week long programme that he’s created from a mixture of all his previous workouts.

Shaun T is adorable. He motivates, encourages, and his motto is “Trust and believe.” He is just a lovely human being- it’s well worth finding him on Instagram or Facebook.

His workouts are based in cardio, but they also incorporate strength and resistance. He likes to use own body weight, so not many of his workouts involve dumbbells. They are ALL fast paced. You will sweat A LOT, and reach peak heart rate often.

I recently qualified as an Insanity Instructor, and I can tell you that in a 50 minute workout, it is possible to burn 800-1000 calories. His online programmes are around 30 mins- T25 is 25 mins.

Shaun T is a massive amount of fun. I recently had the pleasure of doing a live workout with him in London and he was just brilliant.

P90/ 22 Mins Hard Corps

Here’s another workout programme that you might have heard of if you’ve ever sat up late watching those American infomercials!

Tony Horton is the creator of P90, P90x, P90x2, and P90x3. He’s also absolutely insane. He’s hilarious. You know proper dad jokes? He’s full of them. I think he’s great. He’s also in incredible shape for a man of almost 60.

P90x3 (and all the P90 series) is a mixture of workouts that uses weights, resistance bands and/or pull-up bars. They work the full body and like 21 Day Fix, they focus on different things each day. I did P90x3 in Italy, when it was 43 degrees each damn morning. After that, I felt like I could conquer the world. The workouts aren’t horrendously tough, but they are a very good workout and you will see good results in muscle definition.

22 Minutes Hard Corps is a military/ army style workout programme- indeed they used real veterans to take part. Yes, they are ALL 22 mins long, and on alternate days you add in a 10 minute core workout as well. They are BRUTAL, but in the BEST POSSIBLE WAY

I LOVE Hard Corps. The results are massively quick and impressive, but be prepared to sweat a LOT in those 22 mins, and to feel like you’re dying.

If you’re like me, and have a sadistic side, you’ll most likely love the programme. I like to work exceedingly hard, and I really like to push myself. Some people prefer a more gentle approach that’s sustained for a longer period of time. It’s all about what suits.

The Best of the Rest

Hammer and Chisel
Hammer and Chisel is a programme from Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev. He does hammer, she does chisel. The calendar runs for 60 days and is a mix of weight and cardio work. Hammer workouts are using weights, and you need a variety of different sizes. Chisel workouts also use weights but they’re focused much more on carving out lean muscle.

The results from Hammer and Chisel are fantastic, and again it uses the container system as its eating plan.

Country Heat
This is a dance-based workout to country music. People who like dance-based workouts rave about it. It’s relatively low impact, and perfect for beginners who have a bit of rhythm.

Double Time
Beachbody’s newest programme which you need to do with a partner. A LOT of fun with kids!! Tony Horton leads it and it’s brilliant for getting kids moving every day. My son loves it and he motivates me! Check out my social media for videos of us taking part.

Body Beast
A body building workout that brings super impressive results. You cannot use the regular container system for this programme’s eating plan as it’s so intense. So you eat a lot but work a lot too! I’ve done a short version of this programme before and it really quickly built my back and arms.

Chalene Johnson
Piyo is a mix of Pilates and Yoga, and it’s exceedingly good for stretching everything out. It’s low impact, and perfect for those who want to ease into working out. Chalene herself is well worth checking out on social media, and also her podcasts. She is an incredible speaker and very motivating and empowering.