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What is 80 Day Obsession? 

80 Day Obsession is the brand new Beachbody program released in January 2018. It is run by Autumn Calabrese, and it’s unique for many reasons. First of all, it was filmed in real time, with a cast including friends and family of Autumn herself. For 80 days, or 93 if you count rest days, that cast showed up, and filmed a different workout, as live. We get to see their progress as we go through the program, and let me tell you, their struggles are real.

The next difference is that every workout is different. There are 3 phases, and each phase is a 4 week block. Each week is 6 different days of workouts, and each week, the rep pattern changes. You never do the same workout twice. This keeps you mentally engaged, but it also keeps your body guessing, and working that much harder.

Finally, there’s the nutrition. Using the same portion control system as almost all other Beachbody programs, 80 Day Obsession not only tells you hoe many containers to eat; it tells you exactly when to eat them, too. So no more guess work, no more wondering what containers to pair together for the best results; Autumn literally tells you everything you need to know and you know what? It’s been a game changer for me.


My Journey So Far

At the time of writing, I am halfway through 80 Day Obsession. I am proud and pleased to say that I have stuck to the plan 99.9% of the time. I had a piece of cake for Chester’s birthday, and a glass of wine a few weeks back, but that’s been all. This is some kind of miracle for me. You why I’ve been able to do it? Because the timed nutrition means that I never go hungry. Meal prep has been key; knowing that I’ll be eating every 3 hours means I don’t give in and snack, and knowing that all my food other than our family evening meal is already prepared, saves me from that ‘can’t be bothered to make anything so I’ll eat five crumpets instead’ mentality.

I LOVE the workouts. Working in real time with the cast is something I never knew I wanted, but it’s made a difference; I love seeing them all interact, and love knowing that they’re all real people, not just hired fitness experts. Using different equipment, such as resistance loops and sliders, has kept me interested and engaged, as has the variation in the workouts.

I am SO much stronger, both mentally and physically. I have lost some weight- that last little bit that wouldn’t ever shift because I kept giving in and eating cake. I’ve lost a lot of inches- 11 at the last count. I’ve gained muscle and aerobic fitness, and a stronger determination. All of that, and we’re only half way.


How do I Begin? 

If you’d like to join me with 80 Day Obsession, I’d love to coach you through it! You’ll need to sign up for a Challenge Pack, which will give you a year’s access to ALL workouts, not just 80 Day Obsession. You’ll also get the loops and sliders, meaning you only need to acquire some weights. As well as all that, you get the portion control system, 30 days superfood Shakeology supply, and you can also add on performance supplements which will help with muscle soreness and fatigue. I can’t recommend these highly enough!!

I will be your coach for a whole year, as well, so once you’ve done the 80 days, together we can take your fitness another step further.