At the time of writing, I am on day 75 of 80 Day Obsession. Since starting the programme on January 15th, I have not skipped one workout, I have pushed harder, dug deeper, and seen my strength and fitness improve in ways I never thought possible. Other aspects of my life have changed dramatically too. I’m now teaching group classes and loving it; only possible thanks to the confidence that being fit and healthy has given me. I’m living my best life, focusing on the happiness and well being of my loved ones rather than the negativity that many people like to wallow in. In the words of Elphaba “I’m through accepting limits, cause someone says they’re so.

With the end of 80 Day Obsession looming, I keep getting the same question: “What next?”

Well, first of all I’m going to eat my chocolate that I’ve been saving since Christmas, but on Monday, I’m back in the game.

Fitness Journey

You see, 80 Day Obsession is a complete programme, and I’m happy I’ve found the determination to stick to it. I’ve loved it. But my health and fitness doesn’t begin and end with that one programme. Life is a journey, not a destination. We’ve all heard that many times before, right? But it’s totally true.

There are always improvements to be made; whether that’s lifting heavier weights, achieving that PB in a half marathon, learning to control emotional eating, striving to be a happier, more positive person… Just because you conquer a giant step doesn’t mean it’s over.

I follow at-home workout programmes as well as taking part in many other forms of physical activity, including group classes and running (when I’m not sulking about the rain). I love working out at home because I know that whatever happens, I can still be consistent in my fitness. I wasn’t joking about the rain; I don’t like to set foot out the house if it’s wet, so at least I know I’m still doing something good for my body on those days.

I also love the sense of purpose, direction, and achievement a home workout gives me; taking measurements at the beginning and end of a programme is the best measure of progress, and I love seeing those results. I also love being online with my fellow challengers; I love to see and hear us all swapping stories, sharing hints and tips and motivating and encouraging one another.

So my journey isn’t ending, it’s just continuing.

From April 16th to April 21st, I’ll be following Shaun T.’s workouts and then… yep, from April 23rd I’m starting 80 Day Obsession all over again. Heavier weights, better form, more focus. This time, I’ll also be following a BRAND NEW nutrition plan; one that doesn’t count calories, restrict foods, or have you fearing weigh-in days.

2B Mindset focuses on forming healthy habits that you can use daily, as well as hints and tips to help you overcome issues such as emotional eating, snacking, and sugar cravings. Uniquely for Beachbody this time; 2B Mindset doesn’t need to involve exercise. If you’re not ready, or you have a medical condition or injury that prevents you from working out, you can still join me with the 2B Mindset.

However, if you want to join me in daily workouts, you’re more than welcome to do that, too! You don’t need to follow 80 Day Obesssion. You don’t even need to follow a specific programme from beginning to end. You can access the Netflix of home workouts and pick what suits you.

What you DO need, is a willingness to decide, commit, and succeed in your health and fitness journey. You’ll also need a sense of humour because life is too short to be miserable!

If you’d like to join me from April 23rd in whatever capacity you’d like, just ask me for details. If you’d like more info on 2B Mindset, let me know… this is going to change the way all of us think about food forever. And we can still have cake. Praise.