From January 15th to April 14th, we’ve now completed 80 Day Obsession. It’s been a long, fun, sometimes hard, and very rewarding journey. Here’s just some of the things I’m taking away from it now I’m done:

My Nutrition is Better

Before I started 80 Day Obsession, I’d have said I ate a reasonably good diet. There was room for improvement, though, and following the timed nutrition and portion control has definitely helped me. I know what food groups to pair pre and post workout. I know what carbs are best for my body. I will never workout fasted again, having felt firsthand the massive difference in my energy levels when I eat an hour before. I also feel safe in the knowledge that I’m getting a hard hitting daily dose of dense nutrition each morning with my superfood shake. I’m a hard cynic, and I doubted Shakeology would make any difference to me or my overall health but you know what? It has. Twice during the programme I’ve been hit with a cold. Twice that cold has disappeared after just 2 days. I’ve stopped taking any other supplements, too, because all of my vitamin and mineral deficiencies are now fulfilled. My sinus trouble has cleared up, my thyroid levels are regular once again, and my sugar cravings are down. All from one daily shake. I’m sold.

I Love Clean Food

I never thought I’d be the kind of girl who’d choose fresh, wholesome produce over a burger and fries, but here we are. I can genuinely say that when I look at or think of food like that, my stomach turns. That does not mean I don’t still love things like cheesecake, or a massive bowl of pasta, but fried food is definitely a no for me. Sweet potato fries are excluded from this narrative. Still, I love the taste of fresh fruit, the crunch of fresh vegetables, and I’ve loved shopping for my family knowing that I’m making good choices for them too.

Carb Cycling is Not For Me

The last week of 80 Day Obsession introduced us to carb cycling. 2 days of eating just one carb portion first thing, and then none for the rest of the day. Not even fruit. Then one day following normal nutrition, then 2 low carb days again. I don’t crave carbs; I’m happy to eat a meal without them, but boy did I miss my fruit. My morning shake always has oats in it, but then the rest of the day consisted of veg and protein for each meal, with some healthy fats. By Thursday, I couldn’t face grilled chicken and roast veg one more time. To each their own, but it’s not for me.

I’ve Worked Muscles I Never Knew I Had

The main focus of 80 Day Obsession workouts was on building a strong core and a better butt. I was slightly scared this would leave me looking like Kim Kardashian, but I needn’t have worried. Take a look at my before and after pictures; my backside is lifted and rounded. Some of the exercises we did had me burning in places I had never felt before. Autumn is right; we don’t engage our glute muscles nearly enough. Trust me, when they work, you’ll feel it.

I Love To Lift, But I Also Love To Sweat

There are simply not enough words to say how much I love and adore my weights. Feeling those muscles engage to help you lift; your core tightens, your legs and glutes engage, your biceps pop… it’s amazing. 80 Day Obsession is the perfect mix of cardio days and weight training. Plus the brilliant loops and sliders of course. As much as I like to break a sweat from lifting heavy, there’s also something truly uplifiting about feeling your heart race from a good cardio workout.

I Can Be Dedicated

I’ve had a lot of people say to me “I couldn’t do what you do,” but the fact is, you totally could. You  just need to decide to do it, commit to doing it, and then you’ll succeed. I knew that the only way I could fit my workouts in was to do them in the early morning. I also knew I needed to eat an hour beforehand, so that meant getting up at 5. My desire to change was stronger than my desire to lie in bed. That’s all there is to it. You have to make changes in order to see results, whether that means missing Eastenders so you can do a 30 minute workout, or foregoing that nightly glass of wine and making it once a week instead. You can totally be dedicated, but you have to want the results badly enough to begin.

Life is Truly Wonderful

Watching Mark growing in happiness and confidence has been wonderful for me, and he’s worked incredibly hard. As a result, his before and after pictures reflect his dedication. For me, 80 Day Obsession has made me a happier person; I know there are people out there who are waiting for me to fail, but that simply won’t happen. I’m enjoying every aspect of living; the workouts, the nutrition and the progress I’m making. I know this makes me a better mother, wife, and friend. I also know that this is only the very start.

Round 2 begins on April 23rd, and you could join us. You don’t have to follow 80 Day Obsession; I can help you to access a workout programme that’s just right for you, wherever you are in your fitness journey. I can also help you find the right nutrition plan, which in turn, will get you the results that you want. Let me know if you want to join our online Summer Bootcamp.