First Two YearsThe picture on the left is from September 2015. Picture on the right is from October 2017

I don’t have a massive weight loss story. I lost weight, of course, but my real transformation took place on the inside.

The person on the left was unhappy whenever she looked in the mirror. She thought she was stuck with a ‘baby belly’ for life. She avoided getting dressed up for anything because she didn’t feel good no matter what she wore. She looked to others for validation, felt anxious, insecure, like her life was over and it was all downhill now she was in her 30s.

The person on the right loves life. She looks in the mirror and feels thankful for every laughter line, grateful for every scar on her body that reminds her of childbearing or life-saving surgery. She loves her abs with a passion normally reserved for random celebrities, and she’ll work her ass off every day to keep them. She’s proud of her muscles, proud of her inner and outer strength, and she wants others to feel the same.

The person on the right doesn’t care what others think, because she’s happy with herself. The person on the right doesn’t need or seek validation from others; she gives it to herself each and every day. The person on the right can’t wait to see where life is going to take her next.

Join me. It may not be easy, but I PROMISE it will be worth it.

Decide :: Commit :: Succeed