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Health Lifestyle and Fitness Coaching

Welcome to BFit with Becky!

I work as an Insanity Live Instructor, Independent Beachbody Coach, and 2B Mindset Mentor, and I am currently training to be a PT and Nutritionist. 

I love helping people feel good about themselves; whether that's through group exercise, at-home workouts, weight loss, or changing their mindset and outlook on life.

I started working out at home in 2015; as a busy mum of 3, there wasn't the time, money, or childcare available for me to join a gym. The simple, enjoyable 30 minute workouts, and easy to follow nutrition plan helped me to lose weight and inches, but the most overwhelming result for me has been my personal happiness and well-being. I've gained confidence- something that had hit rock bottom- an amazing support network, and a brighter perspective on life.

In October 2017, I decided to pay it forward by helping others to reach their goals, and nothing makes me happier than seeing someone take control of their own journey. You could join me today. Nothing changes if it isn't challenged....and that includes YOU!